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FERNÁNDEZ Y CANIVELL has developed its range of food supplements in an attempt to help you out in all possible day-to-day situations. We are concerned about ensuring people lead a healthier life through dietetics, so they can adapt to different deficiencies, ages and conditions.

We have created five product groups to achieve this, which are classified depending on what you may need at any one time: ENERGY SUPPLEMENTSMULTIVITAMINS (BASIC AND HEART ENERGY SUPPLEMENTS), MEMORY SUPPLEMENTSCHILDREN’S SUPPLEMENTSWOMEN’S SUPPLEMENTS and IMMUNE HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS.

We have designed these groups with the help of your queries, which have enabled us to detect a series of situations in which we believe we can help you out: senior citizenswomen’s wellbeingmemory nutrientstirednessstressasthenia and changes of season, your kid does not eat well or is tired.

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We also have a list of frequently asked questions which can answer your doubts about why we might recommend a syrup instead of a capsule, how long the products can be taken, etc.

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Senior citizens sometimes need food supplements because of their age, the weather (heat, cold, etc.) or for other reasons. Age along with the fact that they are not used to eating alone and limitations on their daily activities mean they lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

We recommend the following for them:

  • Try to have a balanced diet and establish a routine with set meal times. Cereals, fruit and vegetables every day. Eat bluefish, since Omega-3 is very good for your heart. Drawing up a weekly menu helps.
  • Walk for half an hour every day.
  • Keep a good posture, make a habit of sitting upright. Try not to sit down for more than an hour and take a stroll around the house.
  • Doing crossword puzzles, reading or playing cards keeps our brains active.


Being a woman today means working in and out of the home, being a mother and, above all, being yourself and enjoying your leisure time with your partner, friends and/or family.

In these situations:

We also have products for you if you are aged forty or above to prepare you for hormonal changes. We suggest you take a positive attitude and lay down a series of lifestyle guidelines:

It is important to:

  • Keep a balanced diet and establish set meal routines: cereals, fruit and vegetables every day, food rich in Omega-3 twice a week (it helps you lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels) and skimmed dairy products enriched with calcium and vitamin D (needed to reduce the risk of suffering osteoporosis).
  • Do daily exercise, preferably outdoors to take advantage of sunlight. For example, walking for half an hour a day.

If your lifestyle means you cannot consume all the Omega-3 you need, VITAMIX PLUS capsules or OMEGA-3 DHA syrup provides you with all the supplement you need. In addition, ISOGUMIL with isoflavone-rich soya is made especially for you. Do not forget to keep your mind active. Take MENTE ACTIVA from the age of forty.

Boost your memory. As the Romans said, “mens sana in corpore sano”. There is no doubt there are nutrients which can help you boost your cognitive functions and memory. Your surroundings and daily habits also exert an influence. You should have a suitable place to work /study (enough light, an ergonomic seat and a worktable at the right height). Plan rest periods which you should observe (they can also help you consolidate knowledge and clarify ideas) and do some exercise, like walking for half an hour a day.

We can feel tired for many reasons and a food supplement can help us overcome it. Lack of sleep makes you feel fatigued. You can supplement your diet with an ENERGY SUPPLEMENT or a MULTIVITAMIN. CEREGUMIL places a broad range of products at your disposal so you can find the one that suits you best.

Stress is a result of doing too much work or coping with more than we can handle during a certain period. Unfortunately, it is very common in this day and age.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “stress” as “A mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”. It can also cause psychosomatic reactions and psychological disorders which can become serious.

That is why it is very important to try to have a positive attitude. Physical exercise is a good way to focus energy and improve moods.

You can also supplement your diet with an ENERGY SUPPLEMENT or a MULTIVITAMIN. CEREGUMIL places a broad range of products at your disposal so you can find the one that suits you best.

Going from summer to autumn or from winter to spring, time changes, changes in routines after the holidays, returning from a long trip, etc. can cause asthenia, a normal physiological process characterised by a loss of energy, listlessness, physical fatigue or lack of initiative. Try to respect sleep cycles, have a set meal routine (these should be light, especially at night) and do a bit of exercise. These along with a MULTIVITAMIN can help your body get used to the change. CEREGUMIL places a broad range of products at your disposal so you can find the one that suits you best.

There is a series of very simple dietary and lifestyle guidelines to make sure your kids are healthier and happier. These are based on dietary, hygiene and physical exercise routines. Some of them are as follows:

  • Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day (let your child set the table for breakfast so he/she feels he/she is deciding what to eat).
  • Fruit and vegetables every day, fish three or four times a week and a lot of fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, etc.).
  • Sit down to eat with your child and take your time.
  • Getting your child to wash his/her hands before eating is important. It does not take long.
  • A bath can also be enjoyable, not just an obligation.
  • Take care of your child’s teeth. Make sure your child brushes his/her teeth three times a day.
  • Use your child’s leisure time to go to the park, play or read together.
  • Physical exercise is a good way to focus energy and improve moods. Prevent your child from being sedentary: football, basketball, dancing, skating, etc.

The following are very important:

  • Set regular routines.
  • Set limits when educating your child. Do not feel you are doing it wrong if you find you have to set rules.

CEREGUMIL helps you out with the following products: PEKES, a syrup with royal jelly, DHA and vitamins, and ECHINACEA PEKES, a children’s syrup supplement containing echinacea, propolis, royal jelly and vitamin C.